The Moment When A Legally Blind Basketball Player Takes One Shot and Sinks It Perfectly

The Moment When A Legally Blind Basketball Player Takes One Shot and Sinks It Perfectly

Clay Warner, a legally blind guy, has worn his basketball uniform during all high school games while waiting on the bench for his chance to make a point; but he had never got that opportunity in his entire life except last week when he was luckily called to the court.

Right before his birth, Clay Warner was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and due to this medical health condition, he was born as a legally blind child. But it is really surprising to say that the young boy had immense love with the basketball game and it never faded away. During his high school days, luckily, he became the part of the North Pol High School basketball team at Alleman, Iowa.

However, he was never given a chance to step into the court as the members worried if he may get hurt. But during the entire journey of the high school matches, Clay kept on supporting his teammates with great enthusiasm. Even his coach, Nick Wilkins also explained that he had never met with a person who has such an in-depth love with the basketball game. And after observing his intense desire to play the game, the coach finally called him to the court in a recent game session.

During the game, his team was down by 15 points against the opponents, and there were just a few minutes left for the end of the game. In that critical situation, Coach called Clay into the game, and he took the position downcourt while waiting for the other teammates to pass the ball. In a few moments, the point guard of the North Polk team brought the ball down and tactically balanced it for Clay. At that time, he was standing around 15 feet away from the basket.

With this, Clay grabbed the best opportunity and went for the jumper. It was really surprising to see for all when he perfectly sank the shot into the basket, hardly touching the rim. Instantly, the crowd appreciated his amazing skills with loud applause and cheers. Indeed, it was a beautiful moment displaying his motivational story and an impressive character.

While suffering from the medical health problem from past several years and without even getting any chance to practice the game, Clay created an inspirational moment for all his teammates. The moment was too precious for everyone present there.

After this event, Clay is being known as the heart and soul of the team and school as well. Sinking the tough shot with all the odds was worth getting praise from the school and the community as well.

While talking to the news outlet, Clay told that it was really an amazing feeling when the whole crowd started shouting his name. It was the best experience for him, and he felt like the kid again.

We must say, no dream is far when you are determined to achieve.

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