Prince Harry’s Royal Gesture: Confronts a Boy to Recover from the Loss of a Parent

Prince Harry’s Royal Gesture: Confronts a Boy to Recover from the Loss of a Parent

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have always been on the top of the news due to their gentle and memorable public meetings. Their recent outing is also loaded with sweet speeches, loads of laughter, and adorable greets as well.

The couple was captured visiting Empire Fighting Chance boxing charity at Bristol, and their kind gesture to the public created a sentimental moment. It is important to mention that this center is training several young men and women since the past several years for several courses, and these efforts are helping people to fight crime or unemployment.

While meeting and greeting the gathering over there, Prince Harry came to know that a young boxer, Iestyn Jones, was in sorrow due to loss of his father. Reacting to the situation, he asked the people in the room to leave them alone for a while so that he can share some private moment with the boy while offering condolences.

The entire story was later narrated by Iestyn, and he revealed that he had a very meaningful conversation with the Royal Prince. Note that, they were in the room for around 10 minutes, and in this duration, Prince spoke to the boy about his heartache and loss. While offering condolences to the young player, Prince said that once he had gone through the same phase in life.

Note that, Harry lost his mother Princess Diana in a brutal car accident, and at that time, he was just 12 years old. While talking to the reporters, the young boy explained that the conversation between him and Prince went little emotional. It was just because they both had gone through the same phase; the situation was really close to Prince’s heart as well.

After this conversation, the players also got an opportunity to capture a group photograph with Harry and Meghan; and in this picture too, the boy was standing close to the Prince. The boy also added that he felt really amazing meeting those people, and they shared an immense love for the boxing as well. It really helped him to recover from the grieving process.

It is often observed that Harry is always actively involved in comforting people who have faced the loss of their loved ones. He prefers to spare special moments for such people even during his royal engagements.

A few months ago, in October, Harry also encouraged a little boy with his words by saying that life will find the right track. That boy was experiencing the pain of losing his mother at that time. Earlier, during Invictus Games, he also consoled Gwen Cherne, a military widow.

Usually, it is seen that royal life comes with many glamorous, and this high-power position also has several challenges at every next step. But Prince Harry never fails to impress people with his royal gesture and amazing connectivity with the public.

His genuineness and love for others have been seen by people time and again.

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