Lindsay Lohan is sharing throwback pics of her with Paris Hilton during a feud

Lindsay Lohan is sharing throwback pics of her with Paris Hilton during a feud

It is the dispute that keeps on going. It has been turned out Lindsay Lohan made a catch wind of recent diss of Paris Hilton. The feud of former frenemies had caught a new wind in the last week when Andy Cohen of “Watch What Happens Live’s” asked Paris in the round of “Plead the Fifth” to tell the 3 nice things about beach club owner. It was looking that Paris struggled to make a better 3 words trio to complement and describe but within some time she settled upon a shady one as her first-word complement. Paris said, she is beyond. Andy replied by saying OK this is the one which is pretty nice. Now you have to go for the next two too.  But the Paris went in for the kill while following up the answer she had given before with the two more digs. She added Embarrassing and Lame.

Lindsay Lohan reacted on to be called “Beyond, Lame and embarrassing” by Paris Hilton

Finally, after weeks have gone, Lindsay Lohan gave a reaction to the Paris Hilton calling her “Beyond, Lame and embarrassing” through a better try to take a high road. She shared the photos of her and Paris Hilton from the days when they were friends. One of the pictures was with Paris Hilton and other one was with her sister Nicky Hilton. An interesting thing which she did with these Instagram posts was that she just put a butterfly in the caption. Well, later Lindsay Lohan has deleted the picture of Nicky Hilton but the one with Paris Hilton is still live on her feed. She just kept the caption vague by writing nothing about these. While the picture she posted of her and Paris Hilton together was to make the thing clear that she was not in the dark about her diss. Well, on this picture she gave a caption. The caption was clearly started with referring from the first word Paris used about her and that was #Beyond. While she added more as Friends are true. Love @parishilton. Well, after an hour of posting this picture she added in her caption which was “Congratulations on your new song” which was referring to the new bop of Paris Hilton.

Well, this is yet not clear whether Lindsay Lohan is taking a high road or just trying to add more fuel in the current situation. But whatever the situation is it is looking liked Paris Hilton is prepared to bury the hatchet any way. Paris Hilton said that she did not have any idea about what to say because she feels bad now. She added more than she talked with her mother about the situation last night and her mother taught her a better lesson that “if you do not have something nice to say about someone then it is better to not say anything at all.”

Lohan opened up exclusively about taking her on critics. She said that she really does not care about who is rooting against her because she knew that she is a strong person.   

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