Kate Middleton Dressed in Floral Erdem Bonded with Queen Elizabeth II at Flower Show

Kate Middleton Dressed in Floral Erdem Bonded with Queen Elizabeth II at Flower Show

The Queen and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, shared some memorable moments together during a tour to the Chelsea Flower Show 2019.

Recently a five-minute long video was uploaded to the YouTube channel of The Royal Family where Queen Elizabeth II was observed inspecting the beauty of the flower show at Chelsea. While exploring the five-day gardening festival, she met up with Prince William and Kate Middleton. As per the video captured by the media around, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge showed their love and respect towards the Queen with a kiss on her cheeks.

Kate Middleton looked so excited while explaining her work to the Queen and as a courtesy to that excitement, Prince William took the backseat and allowed the ladies to share some moments.

Queen was dressed up in a beautiful, bright outfit including a floral dress and mint coat whereas Duchess looked stunning in her flower black and navy Erdem Dress; here hairstyle was much inspired by the Game of Thornes with a braided half-updo. It was a point of attraction for the Game of Thornes lovers. The maxi dress looked amazing on the Duchess with the added elegance of bracelet length sleeves and high neckline.

It is always reported that Queen and Kate share a beautiful relationship in private and the beauty of such bond was captured by paparazzi during Chelsea flower show.

Recently Us Weekly reported that Queen is providing great help to Kate for making her ready to serve the role of Queen in the near future. Some sources also reported that Queen has completely taken her under the care, and they both spend quality time together while discussing the future of the monarchy and the specialty of royal life as well.

Kate was also seen in this garden last Sunday with Prince William and her three children Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Note that, the Chelsea Back to Nature Garden is actually designed by Kate and it is winning the hearts of visitors around the world. The work was completed in associated with two award-winning landscape architects, Adam White, and Andree Davies.

Earlier, all three children helped the Duchess in gathering leaves, moss, and twigs for the garden. All those decorative items collected by the family members were used to create a wonderful den in the garden. As per some photos collected by Paparazzi, all three kids were seen having fun with nature in the garden they helped the Duchess to create.

In an interview with the BBC, Kate also expressed her love for nature and explained how well it benefits the overall mental and physical health. She described that her prime motive behind creating this woodland is to inspire the communities to enjoy outdoors and love the beauty of nature.

There is no doubt to say that the flower show this year is going to be more special as it is created by the Duchess and her family.

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