Jenelle Evans Loses Her Daughter: Judge Orders Ensley to be Placed in Barbara’s Care

Jenelle Evans Loses Her Daughter: Judge Orders Ensley to be Placed in Barbara’s Care

During their battle of children custody, David exploded in anger, and following the dog’s murder incident, Child Protective Service (CPS) removed the children from the couple’s custody.

CPS removed David Eason and Jenelle Evans’s children (Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley) from their place.  The disgraced reality star, Jenelle Evans once again failed to convince the court that she can provide a healthy and secure environment to her children, a news reporter claim.

Jenelle and her husband David Eason appeared in court for the second time Friday, May 17. However, multiple news outlets have confirmed that their last hearing didn’t appear to be favorable for them.

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According to Ashley’s Reality Roundup, their 2years-old daughter, Ensley was placed in the care of her grandmother, Barbara Evans.

Ensley was removed from their home, after an order signed by a judge, on May 13, followed by the removal of David’s daughter Maryssa, both from his and Jenelle’s home, outlets confirmed it.

Before the judge ordered Ensley to be placed with her grandmother Barbara, she was in the care of Maryssa’s grandmother. “It makes sense that why judge placed Maryssa with (her mother) Whitney’s mom, but it is strange why Ensley was there too, as Ensley is not related to Whitney’s mother in any way,” The Ashly was told by a source.

The Ashley confirmed that there are no more kids with David and Jenelle currently. Before the removal of Ensley and Maryssa, CPS apparently removed Jenelle’s 4year-old son, Kaiser, from her on May 10. According to TMZ, Kaiser is now living with his father, Nathan Griffith.                                                                                                                                 

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