Breastfeeding, the most rewarding experience for moms

Breastfeeding, the most rewarding experience for moms

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breastfeeding is “the ideal way to provide nutrients young children need for their health, growth and development”.

Several studies have shown that this first contact between the mother and the child helps strengthen their bond. In addition, it raises the defenses of the infant, making the chances of getting to suffer from diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure, and hyperactivity, is almost impossible.

Thus, it is contradictory to think  Why this issue has caused a stir in countries as developed as The United States  ?

 The news and current affairs portal  BBC World  gives a possible answer to this question, by stating in his article  Why does the taboo on breastfeeding persist in public?  In society there are still people who are unaware of the process of breastfeeding, and there are those who consider it an act grotesque.

Faced with this reality, several celebrities have decided to be in favor of breastfeeding by publishing on their social networks, images feeding their children in order to change the wrong perspective that most of the people have.

Olivia Wilde tells us that she received several criticisms when in a session for Glamor magazine she was photographed when breastfeeding her son.

“People criticized me because I was making it seem like motherhood was very easy. However, I let that picture pass because I am a working mother and feeding my son crosses through my work hours, like any other mother. “

For its part, the American model  Chrissy Teige  has shown to feel safe by enjoying each stage of breastfeeding

For me this stuff is fun. Sometimes I search for information on Google to know how to do it better. I think a lot if I’ll be doing it right, if it’s working, or if it should hurt more. I get confused about how I should feel, I suppose like any other mom; However, I believe that every day I improve breastfeeding my beautiful daughter “.

 But among so many personalities, one that has managed to capture attention when referring to the subject is the renowned actress  Hilary Duff,  who recently shared, through his instagram social network, the ups and downs she has had when breastfeeding.

 Let me tell you something. Extracting milk is something horrible, I had to be all the time accompanied by my makeup team and the few moments I had of rest I used to milk “

She says that despite the complaints, she enjoyed every moment in which she fed her daughter.

“I felt so lucky to be so close to her and give her that start. I know that many women can not do it and that’s why I am nice and very grateful to have done it ” she said.

All this makes it clear that each process is unique and memorable, each person lives it in her own way and each experience, no matter how strong, should not restrain us from protecting and feeding our children regardless of where we are.

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