All about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

All about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

The actress Sophie Turner, got her international recognition by the show, aired by HBO, Games of Thrones. She worked for the show from 2011 to 2019. Apart from this show, she made her debut in the film Another me in the year 2013. Sophie also worked in a television show known as The Thirteen Tale in the year 2013. Sophie Belinda Turner was born in Northampton, in England, in 1996.

Joseph Adam Jonas was born in the town, Casa Grande in Arizona, US, in the year 1989. Joe Jonas earned his major fame and success in his career by being a part of the pop-rock band with his brothers. He is a well-known singer and songwriter. He is also popular for the Jonas brothers. The band launched its very first album in the year 2006 but it failed to perform commercially well. He also tried his luck in the acting career and he had been successful in that.                   

The adorable couple is a master in keeping things very low key and private to themselves only. Both Sophie and Joe started dating in the year 2016, and are going strong ever since. You might have a question about how did they meet. Well, for that we do have news. The game of Thrones star and Joe Jonas met on social media, on Twitter. This is something we can all relate to.

The couple said, they always had a lot of mutual friends who wanted them to meet, but regardless of this, Joe direct messaged Sophie instead of talking and meeting in person first. The couple clicked immediately and started dated. That had always kept the relationship very private and lowkey.

The news of the dating revealed when Sophie was spotted with Joe on a vacation and that was a confirmed sign of them dating. While the adorbs never disappoint with the surprising attitude, the two came out with the announcement of their engagement in 2017. The gorgeous couple looks stunning together and has been going strong ever since.

Soon after the Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra wedding was over, Joe Jonas and Sophie Stark’s wedding rumor was circulating around the internet. The lovely couple, Joe and Sophie, had said in a TV show, that they’ll be having a summer wedding. Well, that defined the season and the months between June to September.

But then Joe and Sophie came out with another surprise, to which their fans were in shock. They had a small intimate wedding in Las Vegas and enjoyed this low key affair between the two.

While they are legally married, rumors also say that there will be a small star-studded wedding, which is being planned. And we do not know much where this wedding will take place where most experts say that it will be a French destination wedding. Whereas, the guest list has not been confirmed yet.

We wish this cute couple a very happy married life and lots of love. The fans are loving this couple and the news of them getting married is all over the media. Whereas, some other rumors are also revolving, as usual.

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