All about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

All about Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

The adorable couple, Nick and Priyanka got married a while ago and have been in the news ever since. The lovely couple made their first appearance together at the Met Gala 2017 when they were photographed together. Soon after that, the couple was spotted together, chilling and enjoying their time. Priyanka also attended the wedding of Jonas’ cousin and was treated like a family. Soon after that, the couple was spotted in Mumbai where Jonas spent some time with Priyanka’s family.

The shiny, the studded engagement ring was also seen in the hand of Priyanka and the news of them getting married was all over the media. The couple was also seen being all cheesy and cute on each other’s social media with some adorable comments.

The gorgeous couple had a wedding in two different ways. First, the wedding was held in a traditional Hindu style and both the bride and groom rocked the look in which Priyanka wore a stunning red dress according to the Hindu rituals. Then happened the church wedding and both the bride and the groom looked breathtakingly gorgeous.

Later the wedding, Nick and Priyanka make a gorgeous appearance on the red carpet, followed by their appearance in the Met Gala 2019. The astounding couple gave us some astounding vibes from Alice in the wonderland and games of thrones. The look was experimental and made many people awestruck. It was surely a masterpiece and followed the theme very well.

Soon after Met Gala, Cannes film festival happened. And the newlyweds made their debut at the Cannes as newlyweds. The adorable couple landed at the red carpet at the premiere of “ The Year Of Life”, wearing matching outfits. Priyanka was wearing an ivory gown and looked gorgeously bridal.

The bridal gown of Priyanka while Nick was in all white tux, completed their look. Both of them looked well coordinated and pulled off a classic, elegant look very nicely. Their appearance was so well put and adorable that they became the ultimate power couple. They both looked cheeky and adorable together, with lots of fields and some PDA moments. 

While the weather was not the ideal one that day, Nick Jonas was seen holding an umbrella for her wife, dressed to save her neatly pulled hair. Can this couple get any cuter?!

We see the ultimate love between the two of them and the photos were a classic representation of their wedding last year. Jonas and Priyanka are owning the red carpet and we assume they surely know how to rock the red carpet together.

We are sure that Jonas and Priyanka are the masters of the red carpet appearance and our favorite newlywed duo, that is cute, adorable and head over heels in love with each other. The love is clearly visible when the newlyweds were seen being all in love and charming with each other.

There were many other celebrities who made a grand presence in the Cannes 2019 and rocked their looks. Cannes this year was also followed by the controversy as always.

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