What The Kong: Skull Island End Credits Scene Means

Having survived the carnage that took place on Skull Island, famed tracker Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) and photojournalist Weaver (Brie Larson) are being detained in an interrogation room. They are speaking to the people who they KNOW are on the other side of a two-way mirror, demanding that they don’t know anything else about what happened on the island. Suddenly, researchers Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) and San (Jing Tian) burst into the room They work for Monarch, a company that has been teased throughout Kong: Skull Island, and they explain that Kong isn’t the only giant monster in our planet’s history. They say that the world once belonged to these beasts, and they start showing slides to Conrad and Weaver. We see cave drawings. One is of Mothra. One is of Rodan. One is of King Ghidorah, the three-headed dragon. And of course, one is of Godzilla. When the scene cuts to black, we hear Godzilla’s signature roar.

Source: cinemablend.com

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