8 Alternate DC Stories That Are Perfect For The New DCEU Banner

Kingdom Come

What happens when the public thinks that the classic DC superheroes we know and love aren’t enough anymore? That’s what 1996’s Kingdom Come explored. After years spent in retirement, Superman donned the cape again and brought together a new team of superheroes to help him deal with the modern generation of “superheroes” who were becoming increasingly dangerous and unstable. But that was just the start, as Superman and his allies soon came into conflict with Batman’s Outsiders and the Mankind Liberation Front led by Lex Luthor. The story served as a fascinating examination on if “traditional” superheroes of yesteryear are still effective in a modern world. More than 20 years after its release, Kingdom Come remains one of DC’s most popular Elseworlds tales, and it’s a great way for DC to keep focus on familiar faces in a world similar to the DCEU, but also with its share of differences.

Source: cinemablend.com

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